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Why subscribe to LWN?

Subscriptions are what keep LWN operating; as a subscription-based publication we are accountable to our readers - not to advertisers. Subscribers get these privileges:

  • Access to all content from the moment of publication, with no waiting period.

  • The ability to make articles available to non-subscribers via subscriber links.

  • Access to a number of site features, including comment notifications and the ability to turn off advertisements.

  • The knowledge that you are helping to keep LWN on the net.

Individual subscriptions are offered at a base rate of $7.00 per month, with a discount for prepaid subscriptions of ten months or more. We also offer a premium level ($14.00/month) with some extra features, and a "starving hacker" rate ($3.50/month) with reduced features. For those whose support for LWN knows few bounds, we also offer the "maniacal supporter" subscription rate ($50.00/month). Subscriptions at all levels provide access to all LWN content.

Subscriptions may be paid with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, or a check drawn on a US bank. For more information on how subscriptions work, including our refund and privacy policies, please see the FAQ.

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Other options

Group subscriptions are a great way for companies to support LWN and provide access to their employees. We are proud to count among our subscribers over 100 corporations which are working with Linux and open source software. More information on group subscriptions can be found on the LWN corporate subscriptions page.

Gift certificates are also available. Do you know somebody who should have an subscription? An LWN gift certificate may be the perfect way to bring that about. Gift certificates are sold for six or twelve months of subscription access, and may be redeemed by anybody within one year of purchase. See the LWN Gift Certificate Page for more information.

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