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kernel: multiple vulnerabilities

Package(s):linux CVE #(s):CVE-2012-6549 CVE-2013-1848 CVE-2013-2634 CVE-2013-2635
Created:May 2, 2013 Updated:July 18, 2013

From the Ubuntu advisory:

Mathias Krause discovered an information leak in the Linux kernel's ISO 9660 CDROM file system driver. A local user could exploit this flaw to examine some of the kernel's heap memory. (CVE-2012-6549)

A format-string bug was discovered in the Linux kernel's ext3 filesystem driver. A local user could exploit this flaw to possibly escalate privileges on the system. (CVE-2013-1848)

An information leak in the Linux kernel's dcb netlink interface was discovered. A local user could obtain sensitive information by examining kernel stack memory. (CVE-2013-2634)

A kernel stack information leak was discovered in the RTNETLINK component of the Linux kernel. A local user could read sensitive information from the kernel stack. (CVE-2013-2635)

SUSE SUSE-SU-2014:0536-1 Linux kernel 2014-04-16
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2013:1971-1 kernel 2013-12-30
Oracle ELSA-2013-1645 kernel 2013-11-26
Oracle ELSA-2013-2538 kernel 2013-07-18
Oracle ELSA-2013-2538 kernel 2013-07-18
Oracle ELSA-2013-2537 kernel 2013-07-18
Oracle ELSA-2013-2537 kernel 2013-07-18
Scientific Linux SL-kern-20130717 kernel 2013-07-17
Oracle ELSA-2013-1051 kernel 2013-07-16
CentOS CESA-2013:1051 kernel 2013-07-17
Red Hat RHSA-2013:1080-01 kernel 2013-07-16
Red Hat RHSA-2013:1051-01 kernel 2013-07-16
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2013:1187-1 kernel 2013-07-12
Red Hat RHSA-2013:1026-01 kernel 2013-07-09
Oracle ELSA-2013-2546 enterprise kernel 2013-09-17
Mandriva MDVSA-2013:176 kernel 2013-06-24
Oracle ELSA-2013-2546 enterprise kernel 2013-09-17
Oracle ELSA-2013-2525 kernel 2013-06-13
Oracle ELSA-2013-2525 kernel 2013-06-13
Red Hat RHSA-2013:0928-01 kernel 2013-06-11
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2013:0925-1 kernel 2013-06-10
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2013:0923-1 kernel 2013-06-10
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2013:0824-1 kernel 2013-05-24
Red Hat RHSA-2013:0829-01 kernel-rt 2013-05-20
Mageia MGASA-2013-01451 kernel-vserver 2013-05-17
Mageia MGASA-2013-0150 kernel-rt 2013-05-17
Mageia MGASA-2013-0149 kernel-tmb 2013-05-17
Mageia MGASA-2013-0148 kernel-linus 2013-05-17
Mageia MGASA-2013-0147 kernel 2013-05-17
Ubuntu USN-1829-1 linux-ec2 2013-05-16
Ubuntu USN-1824-1 linux 2013-05-15
Debian DSA-2668-1 linux-2.6 2013-05-14
SUSE SUSE-SU-2013:0786-1 Linux kernel 2013-05-14
SUSE SUSE-SU-2013:0759-2 Linux kernel 2013-05-08
SUSE SUSE-SU-2013:0759-1 Linux kernel 2013-05-07
Ubuntu USN-1814-1 linux-ti-omap4 2013-05-02
Ubuntu USN-1813-1 linux 2013-05-02
Ubuntu USN-1812-1 linux-lts-quantal 2013-05-01
Ubuntu USN-1811-1 linux-ti-omap4 2013-05-01
Ubuntu USN-1809-1 linux 2013-05-01

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