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Kernel coverage at's coverage of Linux kernel development is detailed, technical, and timely.

The article index

See the LWN Kernel Index for instant access to all LWN kernel articles, organized by topic.

Recent kernel articles

LWN runs kernel-oriented content every week. Some of our more recent articles in this area include:

July 20, 2017The ORCs are coming
July 16, 20174.13 Merge window, part 2
July 13, 2017Rethinking the Stack Clash fix
July 10, 20174.13 Merge window, part 1
July 7, 2017Hardened usercopy whitelisting
July 4, 2017Some 4.12 development statistics
July 3, 2017Zero-copy networking
June 30, 2017Namespaced file capabilities
June 26, 2017daxctl() — getting the other half of persistent-memory performance
June 19, 2017User-space access to WMI functions
June 14, 2017Shrinking the scheduler
June 14, 2017A survey of scheduler benchmarks
June 6, 2017Waiting for entropy
June 5, 2017Range reader/writer locks for the kernel
June 2, 2017Improved block-layer error handling
June 1, 2017The "rare write" mechanism
May 30, 2017Toward non-blocking asynchronous I/O
May 23, 2017Containers as kernel objects
May 20, 2017Revisiting "too small to fail"
May 18, 2017The trouble with SMC-R

Recent kernel patches

A few of the most recently posted kernel patches are listed below; see the LWN Kernel Patches Page for full access to the patch database.

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