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Grokking the Grokster Decision

Grokking the Grokster Decision

Posted Aug 28, 2004 5:50 UTC (Sat) by ghane (subscriber, #1805)
Parent article: Grokking the Grokster Decision

"Yes, that Mr. Hatch, the father of one of the attorneys representing SCO, Brent Hatch. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree."

This is a cheap shot.

In any case, even if (either) Mr Hatch has views we dislike, we should be happy that it is possible for SCO to find Attorneys who can represent its views.

Even child molestors have rights, right?

Sanjeev "Ghane" Gupta

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Grokking the Grokster Decision

Posted Aug 28, 2004 17:29 UTC (Sat) by ekj (guest, #1524) [Link]

Sure. But I'd like to point out that SCO is not a (potentially innocent) person being accused by someone else and/or the state of wrongdoing, rather they are the agressor, somehow I find it a little bit less troubling if many lawyers say no to work as part of an obviously wrong series of agressive lawsuits.

Not that it's a problem -- as long as you have money you will *always* find a lwyer who is willing to work for you. Migth sometimes be hard to find the ones who can still separate their wallets from their spine though.

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