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2.6.8 and CD recording

2.6.8 and CD recording

Posted Aug 26, 2004 7:16 UTC (Thu) by pete_s (guest, #24269)
Parent article: 2.6.8 and CD recording

Uhm.. This not only affects CD burning but also CD ripping when using CD-RW drives. At least cdparanoia now only runs with root priviliges using my SCSI burner. Setting it suid root does work, but this is no solution for e.g. "Grip" because any GTK+ application does stop working if suid root ("This process is currently running setuid or setgid. This is not a supported use of GTK+."). Doh.

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2.6.8 and CD recording

Posted Nov 25, 2004 18:22 UTC (Thu) by D-tune (guest, #26254) [Link]

Has anyone noticed that scanning doesn't work for users either?
Even though the hotplug scripts are setting the correct device permissions
in /proc/bus/usb it only works for root.
I do most things from the command line so I can work around it with sudo,
but every CD burning or scanning program that accesses the devices needs
a separate entry. I guess anything that uses the scsi subsystem is similarly
affected - my sudoers file is growing rapidly:(

2.6.8 and CD recording

Posted Nov 25, 2004 21:39 UTC (Thu) by D-tune (guest, #26254) [Link]

Retract that last post. Forgot to add user to scanner group. Duh!
BTW new version of cdrecord (I'm using 2.0+a38-1 from Debian Unstable)
allows users to burn CDs if suid root.

2.6.8 and CD recording

Posted Dec 8, 2004 10:03 UTC (Wed) by synan (guest, #26522) [Link]

Did this thing get fixed already or is it still a problem?

I am using and have some strange problems with my dvd-rw (can burn cds=no, can burn cd/rw=yes =) and have stumblead upon this post. I wouldnt like going to 2.6.9 for now, nvidia is broken there, but am interested if burning works under 2.6.9 or what exactly am i supposed to do to get it working while not being root?

2.6.8 and CD recording

Posted Feb 18, 2005 1:10 UTC (Fri) by Greg (guest, #27962) [Link]

The same problems exist for 2.6.9 as the rest of the series.

Patches do exist for the NVidia binary driver(6629) that allow it to work properly in linux 2.6.9. I am currently running 2.6.10-ac12 with the NVidia driver.

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