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2.6.8 uses SCSI for CD recording?

2.6.8 uses SCSI for CD recording?

Posted Aug 19, 2004 15:48 UTC (Thu) by rjw (guest, #10415)
In reply to: 2.6.8 uses SCSI for CD recording? by sdalley
Parent article: 2.6.8 and CD recording

Well, it is actually SCSI commands that are being sent. Not some abstraction around a different command set.

That is because the *device manufacturers* are using SCSI commands.

So it would just be stupid to make up a new name, and pretend that the SCSI commands are something else.

SCSI means two things : a) A set of somewhat related controller / cable / plug standards b) a set of commands for storage ( and a few other ) devices.

b) can be used without a), but a) is very rarely used without b).

It has gone this long without a name split. I don't see why it should be changed now.

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