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Look out world, Sarge is coming

Look out world, Sarge is coming

Posted Aug 14, 2004 18:41 UTC (Sat) by a_hippie (guest, #34)
Parent article: Sarge is coming

After reading the last DWN, I decided to download the installer and give
it another shakedown. Yeah, SSH was not installed, nor was the lovely and
simple FTP client! When I needed to look at a man page, I was surprised
that 'less' was overlooked too. No worries, apt-get install took care of
these issues, but still, reading a man page with 'more' sucks broken glass
through a straw.

When the install was done, I couldn't help wondering about the magic sound
configuration. I didn't see a single mention of sound. Oh, no sound
available at all . . . No sound configuration tools either. Worse yet,
no mention of sound tools at all in the FAQ or the install instructions.
Hmm, perhaps there is opportunity here eh!

After reading/searching the D-I lists, the only mention was the sndconfig.
After installing that (very old) tool, I realized that it was too old to
be worthy of setting up sound. It failed to find the sound chip (that
every other distro finds and sets up hassle free--bugger.)

Last thing I didn't like was the 'ext3' by default. I really hadn't even
noticed until after hitting the ENTER key. I'm going to dig into it again
later when I have faster hardware to perform more tests. Still, very good
to see a simple default of entire drive during that part of the install.

One picky thing I would have preferred was to choose either KDE or Gnome
(a sub-category?). I really only wanted one or the other for this simple
test box.

Finally, I loved the 2.6 kernel. On this old 300MHz k6 boxen, the new
kernel ran circles around the 2.4 kernel I originally had on it.

Good work D-I folks! I can't wait to see rc2.

Wishing you well.

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Look out world, Sarge is coming

Posted Aug 20, 2004 2:33 UTC (Fri) by rqosa (subscriber, #24136) [Link]

kudzu was able to detect my sound chipset (snd-via82xx).

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