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SSH -- we love it

SSH -- we love it

Posted Aug 12, 2004 15:17 UTC (Thu) by stuart (subscriber, #623)
In reply to: SSH? by Duncan
Parent article: Sarge is coming

fear not, Gentoo has copied Debian traditions again.

In Debian (well let's say in Woody/Debian 3.0 for clarity):
SSH client is installed...which makes sense
The dameon (as mentioned already) is installed but not started by default.

<troll> Mind you I'd worry more about a Gentoo SSHd -- with all those users who insist on shonky pointless recompilation for some nefarious goal of speed -- who's to say important crypto code will not get miscompiled? </troll>


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SSH -- we love it

Posted Aug 13, 2004 2:48 UTC (Fri) by dberkholz (guest, #23346) [Link]

You say "copied" as if it's a bad thing. You should be proud that Debian's ideas are being used -- it means people think they're good.

SSH -- we love it

Posted Aug 13, 2004 19:38 UTC (Fri) by set (guest, #4788) [Link]

First, the speculation about miscompiled crypto code is almost pure fud;
we arent baking soufles here-- compilation should be deterministic, modulo
flakey hardware or compiler bugs. If you have the former, you arent any
safer running someone elses binary, and if you have the latter, so could
your distributer.
Second, its not about the speed, its about control, customisation, and
integration. Ones goal may be 'speed', in optimizing for a specific
arch, or it may something else, like 'size'. The point is that compiling
from source allows you to make those decisions. (and compiler flags are
just the tip of the iceberg in what you can configure.) Gentoo isnt for
everyone, but if you had to mischaracterize them, it might be more as
control freaks rather than speed freaks;)

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