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"commercial" is not the opposite of "free"

"commercial" is not the opposite of "free"

Posted Aug 12, 2004 8:28 UTC (Thu) by bignose (subscriber, #40)
Parent article: Interview with Cobind's David Watson

A nice interview. One niggle, that I'm surprised LWN writers keep getting wrong:

> JK: YUMGUI is a good little tool. I know that some businesses would keep
> this as a commercial product.

Any business selling the software *must* keep it as a commercial product. Regardless of whether it's proprietary or free, ff they're making money with it, it's commercial. You may be confusing "commercial" with "proprietary"; they are not synonymous.

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"commercial" is not the opposite of "free"

Posted Aug 14, 2004 3:37 UTC (Sat) by X-Nc (guest, #1661) [Link]

Blame that on me and my poor choice of words in forming the question. Luckily David understood what I ment.


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