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Scheduler should include I/O of tasks

Scheduler should include I/O of tasks

Posted Aug 6, 2004 20:05 UTC (Fri) by zmi (guest, #4829)
Parent article: Scheduler tweaks get serious

It seems there's no one currently working on including I/O usage to the
scheduler. At the moment, an "idle class task" can perform heavy I/O,
which makes high priority tasks waiting for their I/O. This is very bad on
production servers, where you want to make a backup or cleanup in the
background, while the database/fileserver/mailserver is in full use.

Making low priority tasks also lower I/O priority would help a lot. Does
anybody know of work in that area?

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CFQ I/O Scheduler

Posted Aug 12, 2004 17:29 UTC (Thu) by conman (guest, #14830) [Link]

Jens Axboe has been continually upgrading his CFQ I/O scheduler, and has for some time been working on I/O priorities. He will be releasing a patch soon that implements just what you are asking for on top of the CFQ I/O scheduler.

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