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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Posted Jul 23, 2004 8:19 UTC (Fri) by robertpostill (subscriber, #15684)
Parent article: Kernel Summit: The customer panel

I used to work for a DR company that had fledgling support for Linux. It was rock. As a previous poster mentioned life gets difficult if you have a kernel and need to splice a driver onto that kernel. For instance, the DR company had HP servers, the idea being that the technicians each had to learn only one hardware platform. If a customer had Dell or IBM kit then the number one problem was getting their RAID array into the kernel. As most operations did not have a seperate boot disk, the root would often need to be supplyed through RAID. Dependant on their implementation you'd have to either:
a) Do a re-install of the OS on the new box and use the drivers etc. supplied with that.
b) Install on a similar box, pinch or compile driver, remake initrd, bodge /boot and possibly root fs to hold drivers.
I can't begin to describe how simple that is with a customer behind you going spare that their Oracle DB isn't coming back :)
Now don't get me wrong, it's as nasty for windows, just quicker, because the drivers are already compiled for you and its the time that DR customers care about.

All in all initiatives like dkms and a stabilisation of the driver API would be welcome in the corporate world and I'm glad the kernel summit is exposing these issues.

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