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About Balsa

About Balsa

Posted Jul 10, 2004 22:08 UTC (Sat) by chbm (guest, #12065)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to graphical mail clients

Hi, I'm one of balsa's developers. I'll try to rebut some of your comments and hopefully revert some of your critics. We'd be happy to answer your questions and help you getting a newer balsa runing at or

First, Balsa does support sendmail as well as SMTP but sendmail support isn't very visible. It's a compile time option as there didn't seem to be user need for both features at the same time. Also, you a trivial source change (the sendmail command string) you can get Balsa to use whatever program you like. This shouldn't be a show stoper for a mh veteran :)
Your Balsa build seems to be unthreaded judging from your comments about UI freeze. What system were you using and where did you get your binary ? non-thread builds are very rare and on the default builds with thread support the anoying problems you experience are not present.
Balsa uses gtkhtml for HTML rendering so its support is up to par with other Gnome apps. Also, Balsa does support changing the keybindings like in any other Gtk/Gnome application. Did you have problems with that ? Granted, non Gnome users might not know offhand how simple and powerfull it is.
Your comment about bouncing back and for to view mail parts was already addressed in 2.1/2.2. There's a new handier list now.
You also didn't touch Balsa's GPG support which is quite extensive.

Balsa 2.2 is to be released shortly. While it doesn't fully pass regression tests on 2.2.0 the new mail backend provides a much smoother UI experience and a smaller memory footprint.

Balsa, cause RFCs aren't just a waste of paper.

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About Balsa

Posted Jul 10, 2004 22:30 UTC (Sat) by chbm (guest, #12065) [Link]

Replying to myself just add one more point, Balsa does not wrap everything. There is an option to make Balsa wrap text at n columns. You can also select wrap on the composer if you don't have it on by default. Balsa also supports format=flowed for soft wraping.

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