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Some comments on Thunderbird

Some comments on Thunderbird

Posted Jul 2, 2004 18:24 UTC (Fri) by ranger (guest, #6415)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to graphical mail clients

Thunderbird has some strange behavioral glitches. Clicking on a URL in a message, for example, causes Thunderbird to copy the web page to a local file and run a browser on that file;

I think this depends on which browser it is set up to use. With mozilla-firefox installed (and no mozilla), clicking on a url opens that url in a background tab in the "current" firefox window. With mozilla installed, it opens in a new window or new non-background tab (can't remember, but I couldn't get it to work the way I want - ie as with firefox).

Thunderbird is also reluctant to use folders on the remote IMAP server that it didn't create itself; folders created by a different mail client tend to be completely inaccessible.

No, Thunderbird is doing the right thing in not automatically subscribing you to folders you may not want to see. Please use File->Subscribe.

The toolbar icon toggles between "Junk" and "Not junk," depending on the current marking of the message; the user thus has to actually look at it to see what it will do at any given time.

No, you can add the Junk status column to the folder window, and then just toggle it for a mail without reading it.

Anyway, Mozilla-based mail clients have always worked best for me, just because of the quality of the IMAP support, and that has improved even more recently with support for the IDLE command. Offline folders are also working quite well for me (on folders with 30000+ mails), and (with enigmail installed, as provided in the Mandrake packages) it does all I want ..

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