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Posted Jun 30, 2004 18:37 UTC (Wed) by captrb (subscriber, #2291)
In reply to: kmail by stephenjudd
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to graphical mail clients

That sounds like a great feature. If Kmail gains the ability to
automatically update the saved searches, it will have a similar feature.

I've tried Evolution a few times over the years, to see if it offered
features that were compelling enough for me to switch. Frankly, the
unreliability of the application was too great to consider using it. It
has been awhile since I tried, back when I loaded Redhat 9 for kicks and
giggles, so maybe it is worth another look in the next few months.

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Posted Jul 9, 2004 20:43 UTC (Fri) by brockers (guest, #20000) [Link]

It does automatically update the searches. Saved searches are exactly the same thing as vFolders.


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