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Posted Jun 29, 2004 22:13 UTC (Tue) by ccyoung (guest, #16340)
In reply to: The Grumpy Editor's guide to graphical mail clients by dlang
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to graphical mail clients

Maybe you'd be interested in Cone and Courier IMAP

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Posted Jun 30, 2004 3:49 UTC (Wed) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

when given a choice I use Cyrus for the IMAP server not Courier, but that's not the issue here :-)

is cone a mail client? if so can you give more info on it?


Posted Jul 1, 2004 17:54 UTC (Thu) by bjn (guest, #2179) [Link]

Cone is Sam Varshavchik's Pine-a-like, a good match for Courier environments since it comes
from the same project.


Posted Jul 1, 2004 17:51 UTC (Thu) by bjn (guest, #2179) [Link]

Along the lines of dlang's comment, here we started with UW-IMAP until it couldn't handle the
load, and then switched to Courier IMAP until it couldn't handle the load either, and are now
switching to Cyrus. So you can perhaps skip a step. :-)

Cyrus IMAPd

Posted Jul 9, 2004 9:56 UTC (Fri) by ringerc (subscriber, #3071) [Link]

As others have noted, it might be easier and nicer to skip to Cyrus IMAPd
if you're changing mail servers. It's extremely fast even for full-text
mailbox searches ("man squatter" for fulltext indexes used on server-side
SEARCH commands) and very stable. It's also in steady development, and
quite remarkably flexible.

You'll have a hard time getting your head around the authentication
configuration at first, but it's not really that bad and it's well and
truly worth it for such an amazing mail server.

If I had to go back to using an ISP's mail services instead of runing my
own mail server, I'd just fetchmail to a local Cyrus - I'm spoilt by it
now ;-)

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