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Posted Jun 24, 2004 15:23 UTC (Thu) by ranmachan (guest, #21283)
In reply to: LILO vs. GRUB by jreiser
Parent article: LILO vs. GRUB

I think it is bad practice to put the Linux loader (whether it be GRUB, LILO or any other) into the MBR, since that is not the purpose of the MBR and a rather fragile place (e.g. reinstalling the Redmond OS on a dual boot system usually overwrites the MBR). Putting it into the first sector of the boot partition is much better.

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Posted Jun 28, 2004 1:54 UTC (Mon) by Sergio1704 (guest, #19452) [Link]

I couldn't agree more.
This is the point that both users and especially developers ought to understand.
There is a particular distro that offers no choice, only GRUB into the MBR.
Since I bought my new desktop it refuses to install.
And besides, in order to get a clean MBR I need to run fixmbr every time I try to install
said distribution.

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