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There is a nmh replacement

There is a nmh replacement

Posted Jun 23, 2004 15:37 UTC (Wed) by jordi (subscriber, #14325)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to mail clients: introduction

Dear Grumpy Editor,

After reading your rant ;) and all the comments posted so far (57), I'm somewhat surprised nobody has noticed GNU mailutils' MH support.

Debian users can access this easily:

mailutils-mh - GNU mailutils-based MH utilities

While the GNU implementation of these utilities are currently lacking some features, I know several people that have already replaced nmh in favour of these and are happy.

The biggest feature, of course, is that mailutils are actively developed (in fact, version 0.5 will be released next weekend). The rest of the Mail Utilities suite includes a scheme frontend to mail (guimb), a reimplementation of BSD mailx, pop, comsat and imap daemons and other utilities.

I know the latests MH-E releases work well with mailutils, so maybe you don't need to abandon MH after all.

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Posted Jun 23, 2004 15:45 UTC (Wed) by corbet (editor, #1) [Link]

I had actually seen references to MH support in mailutils. If you go to the mailutils page, however, it says absolutely nothing about MH support. The online manual is equally silent on the topic. So I gathered that any such support, if it exists, must not yet be ready for prime time.

Maybe I'll take another look after the promised 0.5 release. Perhaps some documentation will be included? :)


Posted Jun 23, 2004 16:10 UTC (Wed) by jordi (subscriber, #14325) [Link]

Right, I noticed the webpage doesn't mention MH at all just after posting.

This is probably because the texinfo manual has a nice "FIXME" note in the mh section. :)

0.5 will still lack the info docs for mh, but all the utilities seem to have a useful --help switch. I'll see if this lack of documentation can be fixed for 0.6. In the meanwhile, I'll provide some help2man manpages in the Debian package, if I see there's demand.

GNU mailutils 0.5

Posted Jun 27, 2004 22:44 UTC (Sun) by jordi (subscriber, #14325) [Link]

Just for your info, it's released. :)

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