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Review Requests

Review Requests

Posted Jun 17, 2004 15:51 UTC (Thu) by larryr (guest, #4030)
In reply to: Review Requests by njd27
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to mail clients: introduction

Are you saying you think that Novell will go out of business?

I think before they go out of business they will decide not to put much effort (money) into improving Evolution.

Are you saying you think that all the hackers that work on Evolution will suddenly vanish?

I think the amount of effort going into Evolution will diminish to the point where other applications are clearly better as mail clients (MUAs).

Essentially I think of Evolution as a commercial product, not a community product, regardless of price/licensing, and that eventually no company will be willing/able to fund developers enough to keep it competitive.

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