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mutt c.f. MH: tell us more

mutt c.f. MH: tell us more

Posted Jun 17, 2004 15:29 UTC (Thu) by leonid (guest, #4891)
In reply to: mutt c.f. MH: tell us more by mmarsh
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to mail clients: introduction

Putting aside a message for later is also easy, though I'm sure mutt also has this capability.

Yup. It's called 'postpone' in Mutt-speak. :)

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mutt postpone and remote access

Posted Jun 17, 2004 21:34 UTC (Thu) by nealmcb (subscriber, #20740) [Link]

I love mutt. I always run mutt sessions within `screen -S mutt` and when I want remote access, I just ssh to my box and connect to mutt via `screen -d -r mutt`

One problem with postpone is that when a postponed message is
later sent, the "replied to" flag (as used by ~Q) is not set.
This is well-known, and won't be changed. It would be rather hard to
let mutt keep track of what messages went where. [Thomas Roessler]

I also wish my postponed mail could be handled well by other mailers
like gnus. But I haven't found a convenient way to do that.

I also want to pipe the mutt index to a command or save it in a file, but see no option to do that other than doing cut-and-paste on successive pages of the screen output.

mutt postpone and remote access

Posted Jun 18, 2004 6:06 UTC (Fri) by leonid (guest, #4891) [Link]

Did you try script(1)? It is very useful for saving all sorts of console outputs in the file. I didnt' try it with mutt though.

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