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Ladislav Bodnar's reporting

Ladislav Bodnar's reporting

Posted Jun 14, 2004 17:03 UTC (Mon) by EricBackus (guest, #2816)
In reply to: Ladislav Bodnar's reporting by ladislav
Parent article: Gentoo Package Management with Portage

You had the bad luck to pick a topic--package managers--that generates
lots of passionate opinions (look at the number of responses your article
generated!). Because of that, articles about package managers have been
written before and many people already know a fair amount about them.

While I know redhat and suse fairly well, all I know about gentoo is from
reading articles like yours and the comments that such an article
generates. I know enough to know that I don't want to try gentoo myself,
but it still seems like a good idea for me to know more about it.

So, on the whole I liked your article and would prefer that you keep
writing. I know the LWN experts are intimidating, but nobody is an expert
at everything.

As for suggestions, it would have been helpful to show the equivalent rpm
or apt command for each of the portage commands you gave, or talk about
what specifically (if anything) makes portage different than those.
That's potentially a lot of work, but would have been useful to me.

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