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A look at Firefox 0.9

A look at Firefox 0.9

Posted Jun 10, 2004 21:38 UTC (Thu) by Klavs (guest, #10563)
Parent article: A look at Firefox 0.9

I'm a (almost) happy user of Firefox 0.8 - I'm hoping for

1) kde actually restarting firefox - instead of mozilla - when it saves the session (KDE gets everything else right - so I don't know whose to blaim KDE or Firefox).

2) A bit more resillient extensions - wrong permissions on extensions, and installation in anything else than the common extensionsdir makes it crash horribly for me. Luckily after some forum digging it works quite well now :)

3) a Bug fix of the Password manager - I once entered the password wrong - and then just choose cancel - it then deleted ALL passwords saved.
- more over - it does not support saving a password pr. URL - so when I have f.ex. and with different usernames and/or passwords - it doesn't remember them seperately and I can find no option/extension for this :(

4) For some reason my webbank does not work properly - links in one frame to another makes it open the frame in which the link is - in another window - instead of just doing as it is suppose to - luckily I have backup browsers for that purpose :)

Even with all these annoying bugs - its still the best browser around :)

I haven't reported these as bugs (althought I usually always do on projects) but I figured they were so obvious so they must have been reported already.

if any one knows if they are or not - let me know - and I'll report them :)
p.s. who needs an installer when you're running Gentoo Linux ;)

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