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*That's* the font I've been looking for!

*That's* the font I've been looking for!

Posted Jun 7, 2004 17:00 UTC (Mon) by vmole (guest, #111)
In reply to: xterm for me, too... by RobSeace
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to terminal emulators

And, as for fonts, I use a non-standard font: "-jmk-Neep Alt-Medium-R-Normal--15-140-75-75-C-80-ISO8859-1"... (Which can be gotten from

That is damn near the perfect C programming font. Along with the O/0 distinction, Easy to distinguish 1 (number), l (ell), ! (bang) and | (pipe). Easy to distinguish (, [, {, too. First font I've found that gets all of these right.

Thank you.

(And, of course, it's been there all the time: "apt-get install xfonts-jmk".)

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*That's* the font I've been looking for!

Posted Jun 8, 2004 11:08 UTC (Tue) by RobSeace (subscriber, #4435) [Link]

No problem... ;-) I found it a LONG time ago, when I was similarly hunting
for a good coding font... As I said, my main requirement was a font with
dotted or slashed zeros, but the other features of the font do indeed seem
perfectly suited to my needs, as well... I'm still rather amazed that not
a single stock font seems to have dotted/slashed zeros... (Or, at least,
I couldn't find one at the time I went hunting and found the JMK fonts,
anyway... But, that was a fairly long time ago...) That's just really
weird, IMHO... When did they go out of fashion, anyway?? I can't live
without them, myself... Oh well, I'm just glad someone else apparently
can't live without them either, and created those fonts... ;-)

*That's* the font I've been looking for!

Posted Jun 18, 2004 22:40 UTC (Fri) by barrygould (guest, #4774) [Link]

Wow, with Konsole's default font on Fedora 2 ("monospace"), Zero's and Oh's are completely indistinguishable!

Bitstream Vera Sans Mono seems good though, and has the aforementioned dotted Zero.

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