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Debian and Taiwanese independence

Debian and Taiwanese independence

Posted Jun 7, 2004 6:46 UTC (Mon) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954)
In reply to: Debian and Taiwanese independence by smurf
Parent article: The new Debian kernel team

The Debian maintainer's choice can be overridden if necessary.

I don't think that changes anything. The fact that Taiwan appears in a list of countries someone else made up is going to prejudice a user, ever so slightly, toward thinking that Taiwan is a country. Bad for Herbert's cause.

they are free to choose whether to re-join the former. So far, they didn't. QED.

(There's somewhat of a syntax problem here -- I assume you're talking about Taiwan rejoining mainland China).

I think you're missing the fundamental point of this controversy. Herbert would say there's nothing to rejoin because Taiwan never left: China allows Taiwan a measure of self-government, in the same way that the USA allows Puerto Rico and California a measure of self-government, but that doesn't make it a sovereign country. That could be more than a semantic issue some day, as it was when Iraq tried to assert the non-sovereignty of its Kuwait province in 1991.

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