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I use background images...

I use background images...

Posted Jun 5, 2004 16:36 UTC (Sat) by tjc (guest, #137)
In reply to: I use background images... by wa1hco
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to terminal emulators

Excessive contrast between detail and background is well known to cause fatigue in viewing.

I've discovered the same thing. I use #d7d7cf text on a #1f1f1f background, and this really helps a lot. Its much easier on the eyes than stark white on black.

This is my "lights on" mode. I tend to like to hack on stuff between 11 PM and 2 AM, for which I set my destop and terminal backgrounds to black, and gtk theme, panels, etc. to a sort of medium taupe. Works nice.

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I use background images...

Posted Jun 7, 2004 14:16 UTC (Mon) by mmarsh (subscriber, #17029) [Link]

I've been pretty happy with white for the foreground and darkslategrey for the background in xterm, and slategrey for the desktop background. They're readable and sufficiently muted not to detract from apps where the colors really matter. In emacs I use snow on #1d0a40, which again has a muted contrast but is visually distinct from my xterms.

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