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xterm UTF-8

xterm UTF-8

Posted Jun 5, 2004 6:40 UTC (Sat) by paulj (subscriber, #341)
In reply to: xterm UTF-8 by djao
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to terminal emulators

That and the fact that CJK characters benefit greatly from antialiasing

That's because you used -fn to specify fontname, which specifies an "old" core font name. Try using -fa instead, eg -fa fixed or -fa MiscFixed.

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xterm UTF-8

Posted Jun 5, 2004 7:37 UTC (Sat) by djao (guest, #4263) [Link]

Interesting... on my unmodified Fedora 2 installation, neither of your suggested fonts for -fa gives antialiasing. What did work was "-fa Monospace", which produced subpixel antialiased fonts just like gnome-terminal. However, using this font, the chinese characters were again missing.

By this point in the thread it seems clear to me that xterm does have the features I mentioned, but they are not enabled by default and it is a nontrivial effort to get them all working together at the same time (at least on Fedora).

xterm UTF-8

Posted Jun 8, 2004 15:10 UTC (Tue) by Ross (guest, #4065) [Link]

That's interesting. I hadn't realized there was anti-aliased font support
in xterm at all. But after playing with the -fa and -fs options for a while
I wasn't able to find any good terminal fonts. Most are not monospaced and
have too many serifs or are too wide for me to use. And xterm seems to
silently accept bad xft font names and just use an internal default. Is
there something like xfontsel for the FreeType fonts?

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