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Pointer hiding

Pointer hiding

Posted Jun 4, 2004 21:31 UTC (Fri) by cgray4 (guest, #11599)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to terminal emulators

For people that like the pointer-hiding features of gnome-terminal and konsole, have a look at the unclutter package. It hides the pointer if it is still for a little while on any window.

As far as I know, the only way to get it is through Debian, but it is easy enough to compile.

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Pointer hiding

Posted Jun 4, 2004 21:49 UTC (Fri) by madscientist (subscriber, #16861) [Link]

I used unclutter for years and loved it, but some of the newer desktop programs get really weirded out when your cursor disappears. They start flapping around with focus and all kinds of nutty things. I finally had to give unclutter up :-/. Too bad, because I really miss having my mouse pointer out of the way.

Pointer hiding

Posted Jun 6, 2004 1:07 UTC (Sun) by bronson (subscriber, #4806) [Link]

I noticed this exact thing too. When I switched from my newly System 7 Mac (where ObscureCursor() is used by every application since day 1) I found unclutter a godsend. I lament that it doesn't work nowadays.

This seems like something the toolkit (GTK or Qt) should handle. Or!

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