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What's with the Biz-Speak?

What's with the Biz-Speak?

Posted May 27, 2004 15:42 UTC (Thu) by jae (guest, #2369)
Parent article: Interview with Audacity developer Dominic Mazzoni

"traction in the market"?

"target market"? (Hey, that rhymes! "Then I went for my tar-get mar-ket")

Why do people seem to need to talk like that? Every time I read such phrasing, I get inner goose bumps. They were mild this time, but still.

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What's with the Biz-Speak?

Posted May 28, 2004 16:39 UTC (Fri) by lutchann (✭ supporter ✭, #8872) [Link]

If you spend enough time around people who talk like this, you pick it up whether you like it or not. When I first started my current job, I promised myself I would never start a sentence with a phrase like "From a QA perspective, it would be better if..." rather than simply saying "The QA group would prefer...", but now I find myself saying things like "From an efficiency perspective, we should phone in our order before we leave to pick up the pizza." Drives me crazy sometimes.

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