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XV jumbo patches

XV jumbo patches

Posted May 23, 2004 21:17 UTC (Sun) by roelofs (guest, #2599)
In reply to: XV rocks by roelofs
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Image Viewers

I wrote:

About four years ago I put together almost all of the XV patches--including several of my own--into a pair of "jumbo" patches (one for fixes, one for enhancements), but since there were a couple of mine I didn't have time to finish (transparency stuff for TIFF and XPM), I never posted them. But maybe it's time I did so...

Well, it took a while, but if anyone's still listening, you can find the updated jumbo patches here:

The current release (20040523) incorporates 25 fix-patches and 21 enhancement-patches, although one could argue about the categorization in a few cases. Anyway, the jumbo fixes-patch applies to stock 3.10a, and the jumbo enhancements-patch applies to the result. No muss, no fuss...gotta love it.

I may do one or two more releases later this summer, but no promises on that.


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XV jumbo patches

Posted Jul 19, 2004 0:59 UTC (Mon) by anthony (guest, #23137) [Link]

I also have patched by XV but to increase the size of thumbnails in the Visual Schnauzer. and adjust the default size of the VS window based on the thumbnail size.

I did this as I find the default 80x60 size a tad on the small size. The resulting XV can still read the smaler older thumbnails, but older XV's will just ignore and rebuild the larger thumbnails if it encounders them.

This will probably never make it into the standard XV jumbo patch, unless it is setup as a compile time option.

For details see my xv modifications page...


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