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Stupid patent tricks

Stupid patent tricks

Posted May 20, 2004 18:44 UTC (Thu) by hathawsh (guest, #11289)
Parent article: Stupid patent tricks

There are a lot of patents that should be monitored. Is there a database of bad patents somewhere on the web? It would be useful to simply record which patents are bad, and not worry about paying lawyers until patent holders attempt to enforce bad patents. This would benefit two groups of people:

1) People who are concerned about abuse of the patent system could register their complaints about specific patents in this database. Since no attorneys would be involved at this point, the only cost would be for Web hosting.

2) People who get sued for infringing bad patents could have an instant resource for defending themselves.

So, does such a database exist? If not, there are a few things a new site could do to attract attention, like provide an RSS feed of new patents.

(BTW, related to this specific patent, car stereos have done this for a long time. Push a button to switch to a new station, or push and hold the same button to associate that button with the station you're currently listening to.)

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Stupid patent tricks

Posted May 21, 2004 23:38 UTC (Fri) by barbara (guest, #3014) [Link]

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched The Patent Busting
Project. There isn't a database of bad patents yet on this site, but
from the info. I've read about it, there might be in the future.



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