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Which is the best distribution?

Which is the best distribution?

Posted Apr 8, 2004 15:55 UTC (Thu) by tsinclai (guest, #11399)
Parent article: Which is the best distribution?

I used to run RH 8 + Win4Lin on my office PC. (There are two Windows-only apps I need for
work) and it was fine. RH 9 was just too flaky for my taste and then (as I've mentioned
elsewhere) RH decided that I no longer fit into their customer demographic.

I switched to Xandros 2.0 Deluxe since it included Crossover Office and I've been very pleased. It
sees all my hardware and I can integrate into our Windows-centric network very easily. It also
makes an impressive demo for my UNIX students when I can show them how they can run (some)
Windows apps on a Linux desktop. (Most of them would like to switch but some applications,
mainly games, are keeping them on Windows. I point them to, of course.)

I have a small headless file server which is running RH 7.2 (I use fresrpms apt-get port to keep it
up to date) and in my classes I'll be switching to Knoppix from RH 8. We also have a Sun e450
running Solaris 8 which I'm planning to transition to Debian mainly because package
management in Solaris is so completely hosed.

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