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Image croping in gthumb

Image croping in gthumb

Posted Mar 26, 2004 15:05 UTC (Fri) by X-Nc (guest, #1661)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Image Viewers

The article mentions that gthumb has a crop feature but doesn't say how to get to it. I clicked on everything I could find in gthumb but could not get anything dealing with crop.

I went and grabed the source for xv but it barfs all over the place when trying to compile it. The only rpm they have is for RH 5.2 so it's unlikely I'll be able to run xv anymore. :-(

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Image croping in gthumb

Posted Mar 26, 2004 15:07 UTC (Fri) by corbet (editor, #1) [Link]

The "crop" operation is on the "Image" menu in gthumb 2.3.0.

As for xv, a quick bit of googling turned up a version which I installed on RH9 with no trouble. I forget where it came and ye shall find.

Image croping in gthumb

Posted Mar 26, 2004 15:58 UTC (Fri) by X-Nc (guest, #1661) [Link]

Ah, I've got 2.2.1 from freshrpms. It'll likely be coming down the pike any day. The one thing I have _really_ needed was a tool to do quick croping.

As for googling... I gave it a shot earlier but guess I didn't have good enough search terms. I'll try again.

Thanks JC,

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