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GNOME Platform Stormclouds

GNOME Platform Stormclouds

Posted Mar 25, 2004 18:52 UTC (Thu) by angdraug (subscriber, #7487)
In reply to: GNOME Platform Stormclouds by tjc
Parent article: GNOME Platform Stormclouds

Unlike Ruby and Python, PHP and Tcl are not mentioned in the context of "making it easy to do things right", and there is a reason to that: they don't.

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GNOME Platform Stormclouds

Posted Mar 25, 2004 20:34 UTC (Thu) by tjc (guest, #137) [Link]

My experience with Tcl is restricted to Vignette V/5, one of the most unproductive development environments that I've had the displeasure of using, so in this case I agree with you. Tcl on its own may be a much better experience.

I have little bad to say about PHP -- I like it better than Perl for server-side scripting. I've never used Python, other than working through the O'Reilly book a couple years ago to see what it was about. It seemed ok.

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