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GNOME Platform Stormclouds

GNOME Platform Stormclouds

Posted Mar 25, 2004 10:14 UTC (Thu) by dale77 (guest, #1490)
Parent article: GNOME Platform Stormclouds

One small point - C# has enums (yay! named ints!) but it doesn't have generics. This java feature does sound useful from a programming perspective, and Sun has implemented these in such as way as to run on an unchanged VM. Now, I don't think Microsoft would care about breaking the old VM, but I reckon end users and application developers do. The JVM is bound to be much more stable than .NET. Really we don't need wonderful new platform features every six months (which Microsoft only provides by the copy and paste method anyway) what we need is a stable platform to build wonderful new applications on!


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Yes it does.

Posted Mar 25, 2004 19:26 UTC (Thu) by hummassa (subscriber, #307) [Link]

C# has generics. Uninformative.

Not today it doesn't

Posted Apr 1, 2004 9:00 UTC (Thu) by dale77 (guest, #1490) [Link]

When I said C# doesn't have generics I meant the C# you use today doesn't have it.

Today's C# doesn't have generics, so it seems a little off-beam to say that java is following C# in generics, when C# 2.0 isn't even released yet.

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