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IDA works for me

IDA works for me

Posted Mar 23, 2004 23:47 UTC (Tue) by walken (subscriber, #7089)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Image Viewers

I was also an xv fan and was in pain when it stopped being distributed in debian.

However, I've since found out about ida which seems to provide most of the needed functionalities, I think. Well, this is what I use now.

I agree with the editor that linux seems to provide a lot of different viewers but most of them are inadequate. It took me a while before I could find one that I like, really.

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IDA works for me

Posted Mar 24, 2004 2:31 UTC (Wed) by rise (guest, #5045) [Link]

Hmm, just tried ida and it seems to do the job.  Reasonable keyboard controls, crop has a non-thumb interface, the color editor and file browers are a bit weaker than xv's but it seems to be pretty functional.  It appears that it only resizes images that are too large to fit on the screen.  My big complaints so far are truly horrendous fonts for the widgets and that the file browser should respond to arrow keys.  With a little work I think it could replace xv for me, too bad I hack Perl/Ruby/Lisp/SQL instead of C - it looks like a good place to contribute a bit of coding to the community.

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