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Posted Mar 5, 2004 20:26 UTC (Fri) by busigia (guest, #15461)
Parent article: The Next Generation of Mail Clients

Having used RITLab's email product TheBat! for a number of years, I have discovered the community of "Bat" users to be quite large - numbering in the millions! With penetration like that, TheBat! should also be considered for inclusion in any future mail client reviews.

TheBat!'s basic version is excellent, and very responsive. It imports the mail from a variety of other clients, and has encryption built-in, as well as the capability to interact with external encryption software, such as PGP, or GPG.

TheBat! also has a corporate version that has a hardware key, without which the message store is unusable. These guys have security pretty well figured out. The software works with LDAP servers well, and the speed with which it handles large mail stores, as well as large address tables is excellent.

TheBat! has an excellent record of being immune to the virus, and trojan hijacks, and other problems so typical of Windows mail applications. It also integrates with a wide variety of virus scanning products, enabling it to be a safe network citizen, for both sending, and recieving.

While theBat is currently only a win32 application, it reportedly works fine with Linux, under the Wine compatability environment.

I too, have experimented with quite a number of mail clients, and most recently, spent a great deal of time focussing on Evolution, which is passable, though the speed with which it operates leaves much to be desired.

If TheBat! had a native *nix, or Linux version, then I would be very happy, but for companies with a predominantly windows deployment, TheBat! is probably the best mailer available, with a near-zero track record of vulnerabilities normally associated with Outlook, or other Windows mail products.

One more feature worth noting - TheBat! is fully capable of operating, and supporting multilingual correspondence. When I last looked, it supported most languages using roman. greek, and even cyrillic alphabets. I am uncertain as to whether it supports Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, or other Asian languages. Nevertheless, TheBat! would be excellent in a personal, or business deployment, for environments in the America's, as well as Europe, and western Asia.

It took a lot of research for me to discover this product a few years back, because I wanted a product that could support multi-lingual, and very secure correspondence, where the encryption, and language support were simple to employ. The many other fine features that I found in TheBat! made it a pleasure to use, for the many years I worked in a Win32 environment, before abandoning MS products.

This product is best known in Europe, and has tremendous penetration in Eastern Europe, with a mammoth market share there. If you have a Microsoft environment, then TheBat! is worthy of consideration - especially to support confidential corporate communications with its built-in PGP capabilities - that can operate almost transparently - once address book entries are marked for encrypted communications preferred.

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Written by an enthusiastic customer.

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