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Impossible to configure

Impossible to configure

Posted Mar 4, 2004 10:48 UTC (Thu) by rwmj (subscriber, #5474)
Parent article: FreeS/wansong

Well, maybe I'm being stupid here, but I could *never* get FreeSWAN configured and working. This is, I believe, why it never took off.

(It's in good company though - PGP, X.509, etc. are all incredibly complex to configure. The only encryption which I use regularly is 'ssh', and that's because most of the time it just works).


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Impossible to configure

Posted Mar 4, 2004 13:47 UTC (Thu) by miah (guest, #639) [Link]

In a way this is freeswans fault. They did some things to help improve security that made the software more imcompatible with other ipsec implementations. Eg non single des support, no x509 support. Those two things have caused so many issues with getting freeswan to 'work' with other software. Other things are not their fault though. One example being user auth for ipsec (like secure I'd logins for vpn users). Many commercial vendors use ietf dratfs (of which there are several different incompatible versions) for auth, some create their own 'standard'.

I think they should have spent a little more time making it work flawlessly on different distros, and worked on compatibility rather than OE. OE is a nice idea, but I'd rather just have working ipsec first. I've used freeswan for various projects for years now, its sad to see it go, but hopefully openswan changes things now. Maybe now I can submit patches.

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