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Mozilla Mail != Thunderbird

Mozilla Mail != Thunderbird

Posted Feb 26, 2004 19:11 UTC (Thu) by pflugstad (subscriber, #224)
Parent article: The Next Generation of Mail Clients

It's unclear if you actually reviewed Mozilla Mail 1.6 or Thunderbird, but based on the entries on the table, you may have just done Thunderbird, as a number of the features you list as missing/limited are incorrect for Mozilla Mail 1.6 (on Windows in my case, but I'm pretty sure this all applied to the Linux and other versions as well):

  • I can have any sound I want associated with new mail notifications. The default is NOT just a beep, but a nice series of tones.
  • It's unclear what you meant by Follow-Up's but Mozilla has Reply-To and it properly handles message ID's and thread IDs so things get threaded properly.
  • I don't know precisely what you mean by "full index search", or "Search Folders", but Mozilla 1.6 Mail can do two different kinds of searches:
    • a quick search that allows you to just search the subject and other header fields in the currently displayed folder (View->Show/Hide->Search Bar)
    • an extensive search dialog that lets you do full searches over a wide range of fields, folders, sub-folders and so on (Tools->Search Messages)
  • It's unclear what you mean by "Handle mailing list" - do you mean that it can receive a digest and then split out the individual messages? If you mean something other than that, it's unclear. AFAIK, Mozilla Mail can't do this, but there may be a plug-in that does.
  • If it's the case that you actually reviewed Thunderbird instead of Mozilla, you might want to make that clear and possibly do a review of the current Mozilla Mail 1.6. Thunderbird is a completely different thing than the current Mozilla Mail, and while Thunderbird may eventually become the default Mail application in the Mozilla suite, it's not there yet (at least last time I tested it it wasn't).

    As a final note: the next generation "feature" you mention, virtual folders, is something that the Emacs/XEmacs VM mail reader has been doing for at least 8-10 years now. The whole thing is based on the concept of virtual folders. For people who live in Emacs, it's a really good way to do mail.


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Mozilla Mail != Thunderbird

Posted Feb 27, 2004 12:11 UTC (Fri) by mtk (subscriber, #804) [Link]

in fact, when used with an IMAP server that supports
body searches, the mozilla email client can even
recursively search the bodies of all messages in
your "folder" tree. on a lightly loaded dual xeon
box with 2G of RAM, you can learn the true meaning
of email bliss :-).

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