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Key feature: threading

Key feature: threading

Posted Feb 26, 2004 16:50 UTC (Thu) by vmole (guest, #111)
Parent article: The Next Generation of Mail Clients

You left out a key feature: message threading. From the looks of the screenshots, none of the reviewed mailers support this. If you read busy mailling lists, once you get used to it, living w/o it is painful.

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Key feature: threading

Posted Feb 26, 2004 17:00 UTC (Thu) by vblum (guest, #1151) [Link]

kmail tries something like this, if I understand you correctly. In my case (old version, KDE 3.1.5) it does not get the threads quite right, though. I did not delve into the details of this, just considered it a curiosity.

Key feature: threading

Posted Feb 26, 2004 17:10 UTC (Thu) by mmutz (guest, #5642) [Link]

> kmail tries something like this

Indeed. KMail 1.6 (optionally) uses a threading-by-subject algorithm
similar to mutt's.

Key feature: threading

Posted Feb 26, 2004 22:32 UTC (Thu) by stephenjudd (subscriber, #3227) [Link]

Evolution can do threading. I personally dislike it though ;)

Key feature: threading

Posted Mar 1, 2004 22:39 UTC (Mon) by Hawke (guest, #6978) [Link]

Mozilla can do threading. It's just non-obvious.
In thunderbird it's a bit any case, it's (by default) the leftmost sort column on the message list.

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