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Polarbar: a good Java based mailer

Polarbar: a good Java based mailer

Posted Feb 26, 2004 15:30 UTC (Thu) by blaz (guest, #3591)
Parent article: The Next Generation of Mail Clients

We use Polarbar Mailer here. It's a Java based mailer that has had pretty much all the features in your table and more. And has had them for some time. It runs on our Windows and Linux boxes and has a good mailing list where you can talk to the developers. See It's free but not gpl as it apparently still has some copyrighted code from its old origins.

Polarbar's main problem is that it doesn't use swing but the older awt java interface. This means that it looks good on Windows and OS/2 but the fonts and layouts can be really ugly under Linux; dunno why Linux and AWT don't mix well (swing does though), and I haven't been able to fix it, although IBM's Java 1.3 tended to look better than Sun's 1.4.1

So I've been looking for alternatives and so far only Evolution seems to come close. When 1.5.2 moves into Debian Sarge, we may give it a whirl.

Or maybe by then polarbar will have migrated to swing.


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Polarbar: a good Java based mailer

Posted Feb 27, 2004 3:42 UTC (Fri) by brouhaha (subscriber, #1698) [Link]

Does Polarbar support IMAP over SSL or TLS? I couldn't find any mention of SSL or TLS on the web site.

Polarbar: a good Java based mailer

Posted Feb 28, 2004 0:31 UTC (Sat) by blaz (guest, #3591) [Link]

"Not at this time" according to one of the developers on the mail list

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