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disallow unloading? Puh-lease!

disallow unloading? Puh-lease!

Posted Jan 31, 2004 0:29 UTC (Sat) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954)
Parent article: Module unloading in a reference counted world

People are never going to accept a world where module loading is one way, and it has nothing to do with practical arguments. It's simply unclean.

Linus is usually pretty sensitive to the difference between clean designs and unclean ones; I'm surprised he favors one-way module loading.

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disallow unloading? Puh-lease!

Posted Jan 31, 2004 0:56 UTC (Sat) by wolfrider (guest, #3105) [Link]

--I'll give you an AMEN, and a real-world example: Knoppix live-cd's.

--Live-cds can load a bunch of things by default (like NTFS module) that I simply **do not have** on my system. The module is sitting there taking up memory, and with 2.4 and ALL PREVIOUS kernels -- all the way back to 2.0 -- I can unload the module if it's not needed.

--To do away with that functionality leads to madness and despair, and (l)user revolt. ;-)

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