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Filelight screenshot

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Oooo, pretty...

Posted Feb 3, 2004 3:52 UTC (Tue) by roelofs (guest, #2599) [Link]

...but it's not entirely clear what it shows. Are "local" and "src" top-level subdirectories of /home/jzb? Are the white gaps indicative of relative size due to files at that particular level? Do the triangles at the ends indicate further depth, and if so, why is the fat yellow one not at the same level as the rest (or the red ones or pink ones, for that matter)?

Upshot: nifty but cryptic. Seems to be just begging for some OpenGL and hyperbolic transformations...


circular xdu?

Posted Feb 5, 2004 14:18 UTC (Thu) by Yorick (subscriber, #19241) [Link]

This looks very much like a fancy version of xdu transformed to polar coordinates. (xdu is a simple but useful utility that shows the output of du(1) in an interactive window.) Since windows are rectangular, I'm not sure the circular layout is better.

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