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User-space device drivers

User-space device drivers

Posted Jan 23, 2004 20:45 UTC (Fri) by jonabbey (guest, #2736)
In reply to: User-space device drivers by stuart2048
Parent article: User-space device drivers

Snare's userland audit daemon works in the same way Gelato does.. it loops reading audit events from /proc/audit. This method has the very great virtue of simplicity and it can actually be quite fast and efficient. It'll be neat to see where this goes for user mode drivers, but I wonder what happens if a user mode driver fails? Would the kernel be smart enough to stop preparing the data for the driver? I know when the Snare audit daemon closes /proc/audit, the kernel notices that it has been closed, and amends its behavior to avoid queueing up additional audit events.

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User-space device drivers

Posted Mar 9, 2004 3:13 UTC (Tue) by PeterChubb (guest, #20062) [Link]

When a userland driver fails, just kill it and start again. You may lose a few packets (for a network device) or any transactions that are halfway throough (for a disc device), but in most cases, this can be recovered from.

In the case of a kernel mode driver, the same faults often require a reboot...

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