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Re: PROBLEM: AES cryptoloop corruption under recent -mm kernels

From:  Jari Ruusu <>
To:  Jim Faulkner <>
Subject:  Re: PROBLEM: AES cryptoloop corruption under recent -mm kernels
Date:  Thu, 15 Jan 2004 18:57:09 +0200

Jim Faulkner wrote:
> I am experiencing data corruption on my AES cryptoloop partition under
> recent -mm kernels (including 2.6.1-mm3).  I am unsure how long this
> problem has existed, and I am unsure if this problem exists in the
> mainstream kernel (I can't test it because of an aic7xxx bug in the
> mainstream kernel).

This bug is fixed in loop-AES package. In addition to this bug fix it fixes
many other bugs as well, and achieves correct write ordering when used with
journaling file systems.

If you want your data secure, you need to re-encrypt your data anyway.
Mainline loop crypto implementation has exploitable vulnerability that is
equivalent to back door. folks have always shipped back-doored
loop crypto, and now mainline folks are shipping back-doored loop crypto. derivatives such as Debian, SuSE, and others are also

Jari Ruusu  1024R/3A220F51 5B 4B F9 BB D3 3F 52 E9  DB 1D EB E3 24 0E A9 DD
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