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Keeping printk() under control

Keeping printk() under control

Posted Jan 16, 2004 18:53 UTC (Fri) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954)
Parent article: Keeping printk() under control

Code which issues messages only when message traffic is low would be really flaky to use. If the message is worth issuing, it's worth issuing all the time.

I might modify my position on one severity level - informational. Those probably are truly optional. (But the lower severity level - debug - is not).

Solving this problem requires more sophisticated message control within the issuers of the messages. E.g. a rule that a certain error will be reported only 5 times in every minute. Or something that saves up events and reports them in a single message. And it should probably issue a message telling you that you're missing messages.

The specific problem of messages getting lost in the blizzard is best solved in klogd/syslogd, not the issuers are the messages.

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