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Open Source in Politics

Open Source in Politics

Posted Jan 15, 2004 22:50 UTC (Thu) by Ross (guest, #4065)
In reply to: Open Source in Politics by stonedown
Parent article: Open Source in Politics

I'm surprised at MoveOn's reaction to those attacks. Why do they distance
themselves so much from those submissions but not from others? I have to
admit I haven't viewed them myself so maybe they really are as unfair as
everyone says but I don't think it's completely unreasonable to make
comparisons with Hitler. That is not to say the current administration is
killing millions of people or that they are evil, but there ARE comparisons
which can be made about suspending civil rights in the name of protecting
the father^Whome land.

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Open Source in Politics

Posted Jan 16, 2004 23:00 UTC (Fri) by stonedown (subscriber, #2987) [Link]

The Moveon "Bush in 30 Seconds" ad submissions were as varied as the people who sent them in. There's no way to judge whether they were fair or unfair as a whole. Some were terrible, others excellent. Some were comedic, others thoughtful. The entry which won the contest was Child's Pay, which I highly recommend watching online, since CBS has refused to air it during the Super Bowl (they claim it is CBS policy not to air "issue ads").

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