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The Secret Novell-SCO Correspondence

The Secret Novell-SCO Correspondence

Posted Jan 15, 2004 14:17 UTC (Thu) by melevittfl (guest, #5409)
Parent article: The Secret Novell-SCO Correspondence

It would really help clarify matters if reports kept the players in this straight.

The Santa Cruz Operation and The SCO Group are two different entities, but this article talks about them interchangably.

This is exactly the kind of confusion The SCO Group is using to its advantage.

The contract with Novell was between Novell and the Santa Cruz Operation (now called Tarentella). The Santa Cruz Operation sold their "Unix business" to Caldera.

Caldera then changed its name to The SCO Group.

So, when The SCO Group argues their view of the contract with Novell, it is important to remember that *they* were not originally a part of it.

There is also the interesting tidbit in the contract about what happens to the Santa Cruz Operation's UNIX rights should the Santa Cruz Operation be sold. This is another reason it is critical to make it clear that The current "SCO" is not the same company that did the deal with Novell.

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The Secret Novell-SCO Correspondence

Posted Jan 15, 2004 18:37 UTC (Thu) by MathFox (guest, #6104) [Link]

The distinction between the two entities "Santa Cruz Operation" and "SCO Group" is not that relevant for Novell and the Unix licensing issues. When Caldera bought (old) SCO's Unix business they got all the rights and obligations. Novell got another company acting as its agent; with the same contractuat obligations and rights as its old agent.

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