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The Bochs x86 PC Emulator

Bochs (pronounced box) is cross-platform PC emulator that was written by Kevin Lawton:

Bochs is a highly portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++, that runs on most popular platforms. It includes emulation of the Intel x86 CPU, common I/O devices, and a custom BIOS. Currently, Bochs can be compiled to emulate a 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro or AMD64 CPU, including optional MMX, SSE, SSE2 and 3DNow instructions. Bochs is capable of running most Operating Systems inside the emulation including Linux, Windows 95, DOS, and Windows NT 4

[Bochs] Bochs features emulation for the standard PC i/o ports, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, floppy drive, and CDROM. It also features emulation for a Sound Blaster audio card and NE2000 ethernet device. See this list of supported devices for details.

The project includes disk images for various pre-configured operating systems:

We are trying to collect a minimal hard disk or floppy disk image for all free supported operating systems that Bochs can run. Each TAR file contains everything you need to try out the operating system, including a .bochsrc, BIOS and VGA BIOS. The goal is to make it very easy for anyone to try out a disk image.

Currently, the list of pre-packaged free operating systems includes Linux, DLX Linux, Pragma Linux, Debian 3.0r0, Debian 2.2r5, FreeDOS, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and PicoBSD. Other supported operating systems include Minix, and GNU/Hurd.

The screenshots page shows Bochs running many different operating systems from within various host platforms. Due to the x86 instruction set emulation used by Bochs, performance of emulated applications may not be especially speedy.

Version 2.1 of Bochs was released recently. "We have improved the accuracy of the simulation in many ways, notably in the cpu, fpu, and vga areas; 3DNow! and PNI instructions are now supported, and Bochs includes a new disassembler that supports all IA-32 instruction sets; On the I/O devices side, Bochs now provides experimental PCI VGA and USB cards, 16550A uarts and gameport emulation; New types of disk image can be used as harddisks: stackable, commitable or growing."

Bochs is licensed under the GNU LGPL, the source code is available here.

See the project documentation and faq for more information.

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System Applications

Audio Projects

Planet CCRMA Changes

The latest changes from the Planet CCRMA audio utility packaging project include updates to the PlanetCore components, support for the Fedora Core distribution, and a new version of JACK.

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Database Software

Kexi 0.1 Beta 2 Released (KDE.News)

Version 0.1 beta 2 of Kexi, an integrated data management environment for KDE, has been announced. "This is a preview release for interested developers and experienced users; changes from the previous beta include an integrated kexisql engine and an improved user interface."

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PostgreSQL Weekly News

The PostgreSQL Weekly News for January 19, 2004 has been published. Take a look for another week's worth of PostgreSQL database news.

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ZODB 3.2.1c1 and 3.1.5c1 released

Two new versions of ZODB, the Zope Object DataBase are out. "We have made release candidates for ZODB 3.2.1 and 3.1.5. These releases fix a bug in FileStorage pack that can cause data loss if you pack to a time earlier than a previous pack time. The ZODB 3.2.1 release also fixes several ZEO bugs."

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Mail Software

Sendmail 8.12.11 is available

Version 8.12.11 of Sendmail has been released and features many bug fixes.

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Five Tips for a Better sendmail Configuration (O'Reilly)

Craig Hunt gives some tips on sendmail configuration. "Unix vendors bundle sendmail with the operating system and ship it out preconfigured. It is very easy to install the OS and use the sendmail configuration delivered with the system. Don't be fooled by this apparent simplicity. In the long run, it is better to take charge of your fate. Creating a custom sendmail configuration using current software and features selected for your environment will give you better performance, reliability, security, and maintainability."

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Networking Tools

An Introduction to the Twisted Networking Framework (O'ReillyNet)

Itamar Shtull-Trauring introduces the Twisted Networking Framework on O'Reilly. "Twisted is an open source networking framework, implemented in Python. It is designed to support both clients and servers and run on multiple operating systems and platforms. This article is a brief introduction to Twisted's capabilities and design goals."

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Peer to Peer

ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.2 released! (SourceForge)

Version 0.6.2 of ed2k-gtk-gui, a GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet file-sharing programs, has been released. This version features numerous bug fixes.

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Gimp-Print 4.2.6 (SourceForge)

Stable version 4.2.6 of Gimp-Print, a suite of printer drivers that works with common print spoolers, has been announced. Changes include bug fixes, support for more printers, and more.

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PyKota 1.16 available

Version 1.16 of PyKota, a print quota and accounting software solution for the CUPS print spooler, is out. See the news page for change information.

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Sussen 0.8 Released (GnomeDesktop)

Version 0.8 of Sussen, a security scanner, has been announced. Changes include user interface improvements, code clean-up, better documentation, and more.

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Web Site Development

mod_caml 1.0.6 released

Version 1.0.6 of mod_caml, the Caml language binding to the Apache web server, is out. This release features a security fix and other minor bug fixes.

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Zope 2.7.0 rc1 Released

Zope version 2.7.0 rc1 is out. "The 2.7.0 'release candidate' release fixes a number of issues introduced in Zope 2.7.0 b4 as a result of merging extensive security updates."

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Web Services

Building a Web Services Container in Python (O'Reilly)

Rich Salz builds a web services container using Python on O'Reilly. "In the present run of columns, I'm using the web services framework provided by Python and the ZSI SOAP implementation to implement the XKMS registration service. Last month's column ended with a link to a skeleton server, but there was neither space nor time to explain it. This time we'll look at that server in some detail so that we can get an understanding of what features are provided by generic container servers (Apache Axis, J2EE servers, and the like)."

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Desktop Applications


Dasher 3.2.2 available

Version 3.2.2 (stable) of Dasher, a zooming predictive text entry application, is available.

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Audio Applications

GNUsound 0.6.2 Released

Version 0.6.2 of the GNUsound audio editor is available. "This release fixes a bug with solo/mute button selection and adds mouse wheel support."

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Muine 0.1.1 released (GnomeDesktop)

Version 0.1.1 of Muine, a new music player application, is available. "The idea is that it will be much easier and comfortable to use than the iTunes model, which is used by both Rhythmbox and Jamboree."

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Visecas 0.3.1 available

Visecas 0.3.1, a graphical interface for the Ecasound audio recording utility, is out. This is the initial release.

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TimeMachine 0.2.1 released

TimeMachine version 0.2.1 is out. TimeMachine is a JACK application that can record recently played audio data.

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Desktop Environments

GNOME Weekly Summary

The GNOME Weekly Summary for January 4-10, 2004 is available.

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Gnome Summary

The GNOME Summary for January 10-17, 2004 is available with more GNOME desktop articles.

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KDE 3.2 Reaches Final Stage: Announcing Release Candidate 1

The first release candidate for KDE 3.2.0 is now available for download from

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The January 16, 2004 KDE-CVS-Digest is out. Here's the content summary: "amaroK adds graphic sonograms. Kolourpaint can be used as an icon editor. KPilot PIM integration improves. KMail folder code is refactored. KWord adds import of text boxes from OOWriter. And the last bugfixes before release."

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Desktop Publishing

Passepartout 0.4 released (GnomeDesktop)

Version 0.4 of Passepartout, a desktop publishing tool for GNOME, has been announced. Changes include an improved command line parser, support for libxml++ 1.0, and more.

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TeXmacs 1.0.3 released

Version 1.0.3 of GNU TeXmacs, an interactive structured typesetting system, has been announced. "This release features better PDF output, TrueType fonts support, extended plug-in infrastructure, a internal reorganisation of the typesetting language, and more."

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gEDA News

The latest releases from the gEDA project include new versions of the Icarus Verilog electronic simulation language compiler and gaf (gschem and friends), a collection of CAD tools.

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XCircuit 3.1.35 released

Version 3.1.35 of XCircuit, an electronic schematic drawing package, is available "Change information is in the source code."

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FreedroidRPG 0.9.10 released (SourceForge)

Version 0.9.10 of FreedroidRPG has been announced. "The changlog is lengthly and lists improvements of all aspects of the game."

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Using Sprites in Pygame

A new tutorial entitled Using Sprites in Pygame is available. "Sprites are one of the most useful, but least understood, parts of Pygame. This document will, hopefully, teach you enough about sprites to simplify your code tremendously."

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Second preview of GIMP-2.0 (GnomeDesktop)

The second preview of GIMP 2.0 has been announced. "Lots of bugs have been fixed since the 2.0pre1 release and you are encouraged to try the new GIMP pre-release."

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JFreeChart 0.9.16 released (SourceForge)

Version 0.9.16 of JFreeChart, a Java class library for generating charts, is out. "This release contains bug fixes and some minor feature enhancements (title and category label wrapping, legend shape scaling, enhanced performance for the DefaultTableXYDataset class and new Spanish localisation files)."

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JGraph 3.1 released (SourceForge)

Version 3.1 of JGraph, a graph component for Java, has been announced. This release features bug fixes and minor API changes.

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PyX 0.5 was released

Version 0.5 of PyX, a Python graphics package for the creation of encapsulated PostScript figures, has been released. See the CHANGES file for a long list of new features.

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TesselSphere 1.1.0-rc7

Version 1.1.0-rc7 of TesselSphere, a cross-platform OpenGL spherical subdivision utility has been released. This version adds a Morpher window.

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GUI Packages

PyQt 3.10 Released

Version 3.10 of PyQt is available. "PyQt now includes the QFtp, QHttp, QHttpHeader, QHttpRequestHeader, QHttpResponseHeader and QLocalFs classes."

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Advanced UI design for GNOME (IBM developerWorks)

Vladimir Silva explains SLIK on IBM's developerWorks. "SLIK (SimpLIstic sKin interface provides a great tool for building advanced user interfaces in Linux or Unix systems. A part of the GQmpeg toolset, it is written using the GTK toolkit, a powerful set of widgets for graphics used by such applications as the GIMP and other GNOME-based apps."

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The Tk Text Widget (Linux Journal)

Derek Fountain explores the Tk text widget on the Linux Journal. "All script writers need to deal with textual data at one time or another. One of the most powerful tools for manipulating text in the free software world is the text widget found in the Tk graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit. This widget is available to script writers working with Tcl, Perl/Tk and Tkinter in Python, and it boasts features and functionality that can solve almost any text-related requirement a script writer is likely to encounter."

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Imaging Applications

gThumb 2.3.0 released ! (GnomeDesktop)

Version 2.3.0 of gThumb, an image viewer and browser for GNOME, is available. "This is a development version that adds some neat features as a photo importer and the crop tool."

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DOSEMU 1.2.0 announced

Version 1.2.0 of DOSEMU, a PC Emulator for x86 based Linux, is out with a long list of changes.

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Samba 3.0.2rc1 Available for Download

Samba version 3.02 rc1 is available for testing. This release features several bug fixes.

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Mail Clients

Balsa 2.0.16 and 2.1.0 released (GnomeDesktop)

New stable and development releases of Balsa, an e-mail client for GNOME, have been announced. "The 2.1.0 development release has a brand-new mailbox backend with much better performance and lowered memory footprint. This is a dogfood-quality code under development - handle it with care!"

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Music Applications

horgand 1.05 Released

Version 1.05 of horgand, an organ synthesizer, is out. This version features new sounds, bug fixes, and more.

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Office Applications

Gnumeric 1.2.5 is now available. (GnomeDesktop)

Version 1.2.5 of the Gnumeric spreadsheet has been announced, here is the change summary: "A few mostly minor xls export issues, and some package cleanup. A small patch to add some missing includes fixes a crash in the ia64 build This package should also be alot more relaxed about the intltool version requirements. The Manual recalc redraw issue was quite interesting. Jean Brefort added bubble plot support, bringing us ever closer to complete coverage of the available XL formats."

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Office Suites Newsletter

Issue #7 of the Newsletter is out with the latest office suite news.

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OOo Developers Digest

The Developers Digest has been launched.

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Digital Photography

libgphoto2/gphoto2 2.1.4 released (SourceForge)

New versions of gphoto2 and libgphoto2 have been announced. "As always, we have fixed some bugs, and now support new cameras."

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Web Browsers

Epiphany 1.0.7 released (GnomeDesktop)

Version 1.0.7 of Epiphany, a web browser for GNOME, is out. "This new stable release features support for mozilla 1.6 and numerous bug fixes."

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Jazilla Milestone 3 Released (MozillaZine)

Milestone 3 of Jazilla, a rewrite of Mozilla in Java was announced. "This latest release features a user-agent string in the HTTP request headers, error pages instead of error dialogues, better CSS rendering, XUL overlay support and some stability bug fixes."

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lynx 2.8.5 pre.2 released

Version 2.8.5 pre.2 of lynx, a text-mode browser, is available. Change information is in the source code.

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Mozilla 1.6 Released (MozillaZine)

Version 1.6 of the Mozilla web browser has been announced. "This latest version features several Mail & Newsgroups improvements, including vCard support, a preference to remove mail from a POP server after x days, a setting that places the user's signature above the quoted text when replying to a message and optional separate Recipient and Sender columns in the thread pane."

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Roadmap Update: Mozilla Application Suite will be Sustained (MozillaZine)

MozillaZine examines the latest version of the Mozilla Development Roadmap. "Brendan Eich has updated the Mozilla Development Roadmap, adding a note that the Mozilla Foundation has no plans to retire the Mozilla Application Suite in the near future and will continue to release updates to the program, also known as SeaMonkey. This means that users of the Mozilla Application Suite will continue to benefit from changes made to core components such as the Gecko rendering engine and the Necko networking library."

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Mozilla Links Newsletter

The Mozilla Links Newsletter is back for the new year. This issue discusses the "StumbleUpon" feature, managing multiple identities, the ConQuery project, and more.

Full Story (comments: none) Status Update (MozillaZine)

The January 19, 2004 Mozilla Status Update has been published. The MozillaZine summary says: "It includes news on Mozilla 1.6, the Mozilla Development Roadmap, Camino, relicensing, the URL spoofing vulnerability, CSS and more."

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Minutes of the Staff Meeting (MozillaZine)

The minutes are available for the January 19, 2004 staff meeting. "Issues discussed include Mozilla 1.6 final, Mozilla Firebird 0.8, a Mozilla Thunderbird update for the 1.6 CD, Mozilla 1.7 Alpha, CVS over SSH, the next Developer Day and LinuxWorld."

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Independent Status Reports (MozillaZine)

The Mozilla Independent Status Reports for January 18, 2004 are available. "The latest set of status reports include updates from XUL Console, mozImage, Mycroft, MozPHP, MozPython, Archangel, Forumzilla, MozManual, the Mozilla-Delphi project, ConQuery, Xprint, TipBar and Enigmail."

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GNOME ASCII Art Tool 0.1.1 Released (GnomeDesktop)

Version 0.1.1 of GAAT has been announced. "GAAT (GNOME ASCII Art Tool) is an ASCII text or HTML file generator from a picture. You can resize the output to a specific character/pixel size, select the characters to use in the substitution of the pixels, etc."

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gTranslator v1.1.4 Released (GnomeDesktop)

Version 1.1.4 of gtranslator, an enhanced gettext po file editor for GNOME, has been announced. Change information is in the source code.

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Revelation 0.1.0 released (GnomeDesktop)

The initial release (version 0.1.0) of Revelation, a password manager for GNOME 2, has been announced. "Revelation is a password manager for GNOME 2. It organizes accounts in a tree structure, and stores them as AES-encrypted XML files. This is the first release, with most basic functionality in place."

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Quartz 1.3.0 Released (SourceForge)

Version 1.3.0 of Quartz, a job scheduling system that works with J2EE or J2SE applications, has been announced. "This release contains both bug fixes and new features".

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Languages and Tools


Caml Weekly News

The Caml Weekly News for January 13-20, 2004 is out with another collection of Caml language articles.

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Hibernate your Data (O'ReillyNet)

Davor Cengija writes about Hibernate on O'Reilly. "Hibernate can persist any kind of Java object, manipulate a hierarchy of objects, handle collections, and work with transactions."

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Perl 5.8.3 Released (use Perl)

Perl 5.8.3 is available. "5.8.3 is a maintenance release for perl 5.8, incorporating various minor bugfixes, including eliminating a couple of errors in Perl's UTF8 handling."

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Maintaining Regular Expressions (O'Reilly)

Aaron Mackey details the use of Perl regular expressions on O'Reilly. "For some, regular expressions provide the chainsaw functionality of the much-touted Perl "Swiss Army knife" metaphor. They are powerful, fast, and very sharp, but like real chainsaws, can be dangerous when used without appropriate safety measures."

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This Week on perl5-porters (use Perl)

The January 5-11, 2004 edition of This Week on perl5-porters is online. "Besides the first release candidate of perl 5.8.3, lots of things happened on perl5-porters this week. Read about new features to be added to the language, lots of bugs and fixes, and other odds and ends."

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This Week on perl5-porters (use Perl)

The January 12-18, 2004 edition of This Week on perl5-porters has been published. "Besides the release of a new maintenance version of perl, this week passed and carried its usual heterogeneous load of bugs. Read below for all the details."

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This week on Perl 6

The January 11, 2004 edition of This week on Perl 6 has been published. "It's Monday. People have been talking about Perl 6, Parrot and the European Union Constitution. Let's find out what they've been saying about Parrot first shall we?"

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The State of Perl (O'Reilly)

Adam Turoff examines Perl's future on O'Reilly. "In 2000, Larry Wall saw Perl 6 as a means to keep Perl relevant, and to keep the ideas flowing within the Perl world. The fear at the time was quite palpable: if enough alpha hackers develop in Java or Python and not Perl, the skills we have spent years acquiring and honing will soon become useless and literally worthless."

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PHP Weekly Summary for January 19, 2004

The PHP Weekly Summary for January 19, 2004 is out. Topics include: PHP 5 and SimpleXML, PECL PHP 5 Win32 binaries, 4.3.5 RC 1, OpenDirectory extension, Circular destruction.

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Using PHP 5's SimpleXML (O'ReillyNet)

Adam Trachtenberg explores SimpleXML on O'Reilly. "This article shows how to use SimpleXML to read an XML file, parse the results into a useful form, and query the document with XPath."

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GSview 4.6 and Epstool 3.04

The site lists new versions of Epstool, an Encapsulated PostScript preview tool, and GSView, a a graphical interface for Ghostscript.

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Dr. Dobb's Python-URL!

The Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! for January 19, 2004 is available, with weekly Python news and links.

Full Story (comments: none)


Dr. Dobb's Tcl-URL!

The January 19, 2004 edition of Dr. Dobb's Tcl-URL! has hit the presses. Take a look for links to a large selection of Tcl/Tk articles.

Full Story (comments: none)


A survey of XML standards: Part 1 (IBM developerWorks)

Uche Ogbuji has assembled a survey of XML standards on IBM's developerWorks. "The world of XML is vast and growing, with a huge variety of standards and technologies that interact in complex ways. It can be difficult for beginners to navigate the most important aspects of XML, and for users to keep track of new entries and changes in the space. In this series of articles, Uche Ogbuji provides a guide to XML standards, including a wide range of recommended resources for further information."

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Business Integration -- Information Conformance Statements (IBM developerWorks)

Scott Hinkelman explains BI-ICS on IBM's developerWorks. "Industry trends within the XML-oriented business space indicate that regardless of the advancements in technology that XML brings, challenges in business information modeling that have existed for decades continue. A predominant problem area is centered on the real-world need to accommodate different levels of conformance for such information. This article discusses industry trends in the area of modeling business information, and introduces an XML specification for business information conformance as a step toward a solution in this area."

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Building Dictionaries With SAX (O'Reilly)

Uche Ogbuji discusses Python dictionaries and SAX on O'Reilly. "My pet description of XML's fundamental data model is "labeled strings in nested packages". The labeling and nesting are what differentiate XML from good old comma or tab-delimited value and tabular ("square") data models such as spreadsheets and classic SQL databases. This same labeling and nesting makes for a natural accommodation of data from XML in Python dictionaries."

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XPlanner 0.5.3 Released (SourceForge)

Version 0.5.3 of XPlanner has been announced. "XPlanner is a web-based project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams. XPlanner is implemented using Java, JSP, and Struts, and MySQL (user contributed support for other databases)."

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