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Johansen wins round two

Johansen wins round two

Posted Dec 24, 2003 11:46 UTC (Wed) by dash (subscriber, #6182)
Parent article: Johansen wins round two

While many have been watching the case with interest, it still came as a surprise that the verdict, which was not expected until January, was rendered so quickly.

At the end of the court proceedings (11. December) the chief judge Wenche Skjæggestad announced that the verdict would come before Christmas, so it shouldn't really be such a huge surprise.

I was one of the judges in the case ("lay judge with relevant technical expertise"), so I can say this with some authority. :-)

Dag Asheim
Linpro AS - The leading Linux company in Norway

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Johansen wins round two

Posted Dec 25, 2003 13:26 UTC (Thu) by ekj (guest, #1524) [Link]

Congratulations then. Sanity won this round. Unfortunately I am quite certain it will not be the last round of attempted insanity from the folks at "Økokrim" (norwegian police-brance for economic crime that also handles computer-crime). It's sad, but to many of their top people (with Sunde upfront) have persisted over years in showing a total lack of respect for any of consumers rigth. For example, if Sunde could have it her way it would be a crime in Norway to provide internet-acess to people anonymously. (

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