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A look at Thunderbird 0.4

A look at Thunderbird 0.4

Posted Dec 16, 2003 19:59 UTC (Tue) by a_hippie (guest, #34)
Parent article: A look at Thunderbird 0.4


This problem with your suggestion is that most users don't have IMAP. I
would love to find a good client that is simple enough for a novice and
yet advanced enough for expert users. Kmail is getting close, but it
depends on so many KDE parts that it's not a good choice for older
hardware where I want to use Fluxbox or IceWM.

All Gnu/Linux Email clients should have IMPORT TOOLS that are ready to
import both *mail* and *addresses* from other clients including the
proprietary ones. I had a friend who spent hours trying to import his
address book recently. It shouldn't be this hard!

I think this client is showing up at just the right time for the masses.

Wishing you well.

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A look at Thunderbird 0.4

Posted Dec 17, 2003 9:56 UTC (Wed) by TheOneKEA (guest, #615) [Link]

Indeed - my father's computer has a coldswappable hard disk cradle and two disk containers that contain an XP installation and a Linux installation. I want to get my father (and maybe my mother) to use Linux, OpenOffice, Firebird and Thunderbird, but the missing import abilities from Thunderbird mean that I won't be able to recommend that just yet.

(The strange thing is that the Seamonkey mail client can import Outlook mail and contacts. I guess no one has cross-ported the functionality yet).

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