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More forgotten distributions (some already "lost")

More forgotten distributions (some already "lost")

Posted Dec 11, 2003 9:17 UTC (Thu) by jfs (guest, #7140)
Parent article: Around the World in 80 Lines

Regarding the spanish effort, you seem to forgot (or don't know) that there have been quite a number of Spanish oriented Linux-based distributions for quite some time. Debian based included Esware (started RedHat-based and is now Debian-based) and GuadaLinex (a Linex for the region South of Spain, Andalusia, under development currently), RedHat-based distributions included Hispafuentes and Eurielec Linux which don't seem to be developed any longer.

Just for completeness, you forget also LinuxPPP, a Mexican RedHat-based distribution which grew very popular there but which also seems to be no longer developed.

Now, one interesting thing I've seen is that Debian-based distributions seem to last and thrive longer than RedHat-based ones. There are currently a lot of distributions based on Knoppix (so, they're a second derivative of Debian) which is getting increasingly popular. However, whether Knoppix-based works deserved to be called distributions or just live-Cds remain to be seen. Many of the Knoppix-based works I've seen lack the commitment, resources and infraestructure that one would expect from a distribution.

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